Another 7 Useful WordPress plugins

I love wordpress for its plugins. Its like buying a plain car with the essentials and later on adding on accessories as you require them. And the best part about WordPress is that there are a lot of talented plugin creators out there, a set of people who share the love of the best blogging platform ever!

I published my set of useful wordpress plugins the other day, it contained a lot of plugins that every blog should be equipped with. This time around these plugins are made to enhance the the visitor experience. Here it is:

1. All Passion LinkLove: After reviewing about 5 plugins that never served the purpose of contributing link love in comments. Most blogs do this using a Top Commentator plugin, or a “Follow Me” plugin. Some bloggers like John have nearly destroyed its purpose by accepting payments for removing the no follow tags. But I beg to differ from the crowd, this plugin allows you to remove the no-follow tags after a specified number of comments. Simple and plain and actually serves the purpose. All Contributors of the blog get rewarded.

2. Grins: We have smilies!!! 😆 🙂 😎 too bad I couldn’t find this earlier. 💡 Now you can use them on all the comments ❗ Cool ❓ 😎

3. Top Posts: Now you can read whats hot in this blog from a single page. You can find out which posts are popular on the blog with this plugin. I had this in mind for some time, but was having some difficulty installing it, but here it is finally.

4. Zazz Plugin Ticker: A zazzy plugin that will ticker your recent posts on the top of the blog, good eye candy and if you combine this with a good title for your blog posts, this will make visitors stay on your blog for some time more.

5. Rankings ShowOff: As with every blogger, I am totally obsessed with statistics, traffic and other rankings, I have this plugin in action on top of the sidebar on the right. But I am a bit disappointed with the way the “about this plugin” is displayed. I would have preferred a more subtle indication.

6. WordPress Stats: This plugin allows you to measure the blogs statistics provided by WordPress. It looks nice, functional much like MyBlogLog stats.

7. Search Meter: This plugin is useful to find out what your users are searching for in your blog. You can know what your user want and hence write for them. Logs the phrases which your users use to search within your blog.

These plugins will work on the latest of WordPress and maybe about 2 versions back also. I do recommend updating to the latest since I have a feeling that it is a bit faster than the previous versions.