Applications of Social Media

If you are still skeptic of Social Media, you need to do something about it! I am sold on the idea that Social Media is mainstream and there are probably a hundred reasons why I think so starting from Micheal Jackson and backwards. This video from YouTube tells you more about why Social Media is important.

Social Media ia used by many in many different ways. Some use it for promoting their products, others use it to listen to their customers while others give away tips on using their products on the social media platforms.

Here are a few ways I think you can use Social Media.

1. Listen – You can simply be a good listener! I personally use this on myself, our products and even client brands with our inhouse tool. Few ways you can listen to the crowd are by using WhosTalkin or SocialMention and many others including simple tools like Google Alerts.

2. Customer Service – A lot of startups find Social Media a boon for customer service and to get feedback from users in almost real time. Using the listening tools mentioned above, you can help your users in resolving the customer services issues and monitor product feedback.

3. Data Collection – This is perhaps one of the most important factor of Social Media. Many companies have successfully used engaging applications and short term campaigns to collect data of users and build a list and market further.

These are some of the ways you can use social media in your company. So, how do you use social media?

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