Article Marketing – Day 1 of Easy Link Building

Yea, you have probably heard of this a million times. If not, welcome to the new method of linkbuilding the easy way. Article Marketing is all about putting up your articles on popular article directories which have high authority on Google. In return, you get to put in your link on the bottom of your post and hence drive visitors to your site.

Though there are a lot of softwares that claim to automate this process for you, I am yet to come across a solution that actually works well. The process itself can be summarized as

  • Write Article on your niche
  • Submit to an Article directory.
  • Goto step 1

If you can get creative and liberal with your copy-writing skills, you can learn and implement a concept like AIDA or MAGIC into your article marketing strategy.

I just finished writing 3 articles for a niche site of mine and submitted them to EzineArticles and Goarticles. They are some of the most popular article directories out there, but you can also submit to others like ArticleBase, Amazines, ArticleDashboard and others. I will put up a list of popular Article Directories you can use to submit your articles to.

Link-building though boring, is a important activity that many webmasters ignore due to the work that goes into it. If you are one of them, Take action and reap the benefits!

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