BarCamp Kerala 2

Each time I decide I should be posting more frequently on this blog, something or the other keeps coming up. Yea, Fricking excuses. I know. 😀 February was a great month of sorts with the first weekend spent at the Barcamp. It was a great event with great participation and even greater people. I have to say, that spending time with those thinking like you, greatly changes the way you look at things.

This is one of my first meetups with other like minded people from the city of Cochin. I was able to meet up some really cool people who are on their way to success in their own paths. All thanks to my new year resolution made in the end of January that I should be more socializing. Those who missed this barcamp, you missed something. 🙂

All the photos from barcamp kerala 2.

Currently we are trying to organize a blog camp and would really appreciate your input on the same. Feel free to add in your thoughts in comments section while I get busy creating a whole new project and learn some php and spend the weekend in Bangaluru….Me busy? Nay….

  1. It was great meeting you at BarCampKerala2. Binny had already told me about you. I always wondered how people made money from blogs. You did it… (although I still do wonder — how?!)

    Anyway, best of luck for your future endeavours!

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