Best approach to Learning PHP

I think the best way to learn PHP, or any other programming language for that matter, is through practical application of the language. I was looking around for a way to learn PHP easily and having fun on the way when I was thinking of designing a new theme for wordpress blogs. This is definitely a good way to learn some PHP, loads of CSS and get a basic foundation on how these work together and stuff.

Since I am only starting into it, I though of creating a theme for my blog by mashing up the features that I like about some themes and removing what I don’t like. This has another sideline to it. I am also planning to release it to the wordpress community, which means some backlinks from the blogs using it, also I can always sell the links on the theme, so the time spent on creating them is totally justified 😈

Anyone want to buy a link in my theme? Stay tuned for a full blown theme soon at this blog. 😉

(11/07/07 01.35AM) Update: I just finished uploading the theme. Tell me what you think of it. Found anything missing and out of place? Tell Me! I will blog about this theme in another post tomorow. Its pretty late here. . .