Best GTD Software for Windows – Tudumo Review


I was supposed to take this session in the 5th edition of BarcampKerala, but unfortunately I was not able to due to many reasons. I started using Tudumo some months back and it has literally changed the way I think of work and its pressures. Wait a minute, pressure? what pressure!

How would you feel to have no reminders in your head and when you sit down in front of your desktop, have a list of things you have to do. It makes life so easy! Just complete the task and press “done”!

Getting Things Done is a awesome concept which I constantly apply in daily life. It is a pretty lengthy ebook, but the core lesson I took from it is this:

You need to complete project A. So, what is the final output expected? Got it? Ok, what is the next step to that output?

One major mistake that most people do with their todo list is to keep adding “projects” as “todo”. Confused? The best example would be “File IT Returns 2009“. It is a project in itself. The todos inside it would be “Get bank statements“, “Get receipts and bills for deduction of expenses“, “Fill up form“, “Visit Accountant” and the like.

Tudumo, created with the right GTD concepts in mind is a awesome tool which lets you do this. You have different states for each of these todos.I use the following very often –

  • Next Action – To get to the output
  • On Hold – Due to a particular block or awaiting results of something in future.
  • Done  – Completed!

Next you have Tags which is essentially another way to categorize your actions under different projects. I usually have a few tags like @phone @email @daily and @out which will let me filter actions I need to complete when I am near the phone or in my inbox or while going out.

In all, Tudumo is a excellent software which helps you get organized with your tasks on your desktop. Check out the screenshots and you can try out Tudumo for 60 days. I can safely assume that Tudumo has helped increase my productivity by a million times!

I will try and cover the productivity and work flow management tools we use at ayruz soon 🙂 Till then, let me know your favored tools and tips in the comments!