Bing and 301 Redirects – Moved Permanently Problems


Recently I was helping my friends at CSharks, the Indian Game Developers about their sites indexing issues in Bing. Initially I thought it was a flash site based indexing issues which Google had sometime back. Then we found out that BingBot has recently visited the homepage of the site, but failed to see through the redirect they had setup.

Though I knew redirects was tricky, it never occurred it could confuse the BingBot too! To me, it looks like BingBot gets stuck at the page which throws a redirect error and cannot figure out a way to index the new page.


But it seems it is an issue with the redirects. Bing does not know redirects. It seems that a search for Moved Permanently gives out a lot of results. Concerning.


While it is an error which has been on MSN/Live Search for long, it is unlikely to give Bing any discredits as they are not a traditional Search Engine, but a “decision engine”.  But its a bad thing for most website owners as bing is currently the default “search engine” for the Internet Explorer, the most popular browser out there.

Dear Bing,

I know you are trying to do a darn good job, so please fix it asap! Stop the sleepless nights of millions of webmasters!