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How NOT to SEO

I recently noticed that I rank pretty high for the keyword “Web Designer Cochin” on the first as the 4th result. I got all happy and then I decided to have a goal to reach the top to topple the currently numero uno. I with my knowledge of search engine optimization, I optimized my pages with keywords in the title(I did not have it before), keywords in the body and stuff like that. But to my astonishment, I found Google kicked me to the second page for all my good ranking terms. Now I have been going up this week again to reach the 6th position. So the moral of the story is – “Do not optimize your sites too much for keywords, anchor text is important and don’t live by Google!”.

Learning PHP

I am trying to learn PHP as you might already know, I have so far installed WAMP and am reading a PHP for Beginners written by Ivan Bayross and Sharanam Shah. Its a pretty rocking book for everyone from complete noobs to programming to those who have some C or C++ knowledge (like me). I will definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn PHP.

Money made Online not to be spent like this!

This is an advice I want to give all my fellow money making bloggers out there. Blogging is tough job, you can make money with it easy(make money Part 1, Part 2), but the problem is that once you make money, invest it back on the Internet. Buy a new site, create a new one, advertise your site and do anything online to leverage your sites statistics.

But do not spend it on a vacation, partying with friends, on a new mobile phone, on a whole lot of shares and trades not to mention those evenings in one of the most expensive hotels in the city listening to music and sipping Vodka with squeezed lemons!

This is a practical advice from a blogger(me) who did all this. Not initially, but I would recommend having a time limit set before you actually withdraw from paypal. And once you are done, remove all paid posts from your main blog and make blogging a truly passionate experience than just looking at ways to get your adsense cheques each month!

  1. Oh… 😀 Dint know that…nice to meet you! I bought the book at Mindstorm with whom I have a really old relationship in computer books lending and buying. They are near the North Over Bridge, opp. to the K.R Bakery…the cost was around Rs. 650.

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