Blog Camp in Kerala

BlogCamps are fun! Not that I have been to any. Judging from how the recent barcamp went, it seems that BlogCamp will be hell lot of fun!

The concept of barcamps, meetups and unconferences are slowly catching pace in Kerala judging the crowd at the past 3 barcamps and junior barcamps. Funnily enough, my spell checker says barcamps, meetups and unconferences are not dictionary words. Heck, even blog is not a word in my spell checker!

I was wondering how to reach all the bloggers and to inform them about the event. One list acclaimed by many is the Kerala Blog Roll. Anyone knows any other directories where bloggers can be reached?

If you are a Kerala based blogger, or a blogger from anywhere who can contribute to the event, do join in the wiki, the google group and contribute to the discussion. 🙂

Maybe a meme will get some awareness around the place? I here link to all the bloggers I know personally or through their blogs. In case you know more, add them to the list and post it on your blog along with the wiki and google group links so that information gets passed on. Here goes in no particular order:

Know some bloggers? Link love them from your blog and let them know about the blog camp! And if you want to add yourself to the list here. Just shout at me in the comments here for forgetting you and I will do it! Promise 😀 Let the wheel roll!

  1. Well barcamps are generally fun because you get to meet a lot of people wih similar bent of mind(thought is it assures u that there r others like u) and sure you get to know a lot more new things because everybody has some story up his sleeves. I haven’t attended one till date but yeah I have followed a few and then obviously they are too techie for a simpleton like me but I am sure you’ll enjoy them.

  2. Somya, its not about the techiness fo the event…but my docter says it will do good to venture out in the sun a bit and staying away from the computer and talking to a few people will make me more human like… 🙂

    Shoban, link love means to give them a link from your blog….everyone appreciates it when you link to others in your blog … 🙂

    Thanks Nirmal, how about we meeting up sometime in Cochin also soon ?

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