Blog Contests And Traffic

With my own blogging celebrations coming to an end today by 18:00 Indian time, I was back to thinking about how contests can help gain more traffic to our blogs. I know at least 10 bloggers who usually put up contests on their sites and giveaways to make their blogging community active and interesting. But do you think its a viable means of increasing traffic over the long term? I would really appreciate your comments on this.

Sometime back I had done a small un-comprehensive case study on how blogging contests affect traffic metrics on blogs. But then this contest was not meant to be a traffic puller, but was in essence to celebrate nothing, yet something 🙂

So make sure you are entering my little celebration and winning my $997 worth of SEO consultation 😉 In case you find my contest out of your tastes, you should definitely consider visiting TheUniversityKid since he is always into contests and prizes bribes all the time!!!!

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