Blog Earnings for Month:April

This month was pretty nice compared to March. I started publishing my earnings last month, when it was only about 8.15$ from all the sources. This month was very good since I added new sources of revenue, PayPerPost and Kontera, Forum Posting and the like.

Payperpost is a good way to earn with a blog online, I take up opportunities which are related to this blog, and they pay good too, ranging about 5-15$ for a blog of my statistics. But Kontera has been a disappointment for this blog, as you will see from the earnings, even adsense will pay me more per click. Here are the split-ups:

Adsense: $6.66

Kontera In-Text Ads: $0.28

Content Writing: $26.00

PayPerPost: $28.00

Forum Posting/Others: $ ~10.00

Total Earnings: $70.94

Expense: I spent about $3.50 for the new partnership with KingNomar That leaves me with about $67.00 profit on the blog.

Thats about 5 times my earnings of March! not bad for a second month! I still have a long way to go to reach my $500 a month target. This also explains why you need to put your revenues on different streams, so that you can earn more and in case some like Kontera performs pathetic, you can still rely on the others. And I am not very keen on forum posting revenues, since it is very time consuming and requires pretty concrete effort if you want to give quality to your clients. So less of that next month. And I am yet to find a sustainable turn-key income for the blog other than adsense and payperpost.

Some major things that happened past month are the technorati, alexa, google rankings. Which meant more exposure and some more traffic. This month I am planning to concentrate more on SEO and link-baiting and other methods to get some search engine love for this blog.