Blog Earnings for the Month: June ’07

Going from $70.94 in April through $194 in May to the end of yet another month – June. Its really a learning experience, trying to make money, spending some and making some more. I was debating on whether to publish my earnings this month since I am supposed to take the focus of making money online from this blog, but for now, I will continue publishing my earnings till I think up of something else.

So what is the current standing of this blog monetarily? The June Earnings, ladies and gentlemen *Drumroll Please* 😆

Adsense: $5.01

Sponsored/Paid Post: $268.85

Content Writing: $104.5

Banner Ads: $30

Gift/Contest Wins: $27.93

Total : 436.29

I purposefully did not calculate the earnings this month, but when I did it I was ➡ 😯

I am getting close to my initial milestone of $500 a month target, now I wish I had tracked my earnings and worked a bit harder I would have touched it for sure! But there is always the next 30 days to work on it.

Adsense revenue was down by a dollar or so, Sponsored Posts now have had a massive jump with the added power of along with the existing PayPerPost money. Content writing is not upto my expectations, but still good money coming in there. Banner Ads is a new entrant I am using I will soon make a post detailing which company and which site was used to make money with them.

A special shout goes out to Andreas Bard. I won $30 from a contest hosted by him on his blog. Though the contest did not get his expected response, I am sure he must have learnt a lot from the whole experience. I will put this money on the roll soon with my own contest.

As someone said in SpiderMan, with great income comes great expenses. This month I have been looking to expand and get my feet wet with a bunch of new projects which I will be outlining soon. The advertising and buying some cool sites set me back a bit. But I am sure they will perform and give me ROI soon. Will talk about them on another post. I am sure there is a lot more money to be made on the internet, how? Subscribe to my RSS feeds, dig my archives or simply wait till I spoon-feed you about it in the coming days. 🙂