Blog Earnings For The Month: May

Third month of making money online, and now I am officially a 3-figure blogger 😆 After adding some good money making methods, I am getting close to my monthly target of 500$ a month. My last months earnings was $70.94 from all the sources. This month here are the stats.

Adsense: $6.75

Content Writing: $125.50

PayPerPost: $62.50

AuctionAds: $0.00

Total:  194.75

I added AuctionAds in the end of May, just to try it out. It is getting the clicks better than Adsense but conversions are not. I think these type of ads will work out only in gadgets or technology related blogs of the kind. I might run them for a few more days and see if any of the clicks convert.

PayPerPost has become one of the best money maker of this blog. I am thinking about using them more, though not here, but else where! 😈 More on that later.

This month I am starting another project – Shymz, which is a new custom developed site which will be of interest to most youths in India! Well, its not porn :mrgreen: But I can assure you, this site will be something to look foward to. Which is also the reason my one post a day rule is being broken! I have engaged a developer to work on the script, he will have it ready soon, I hope. I have set up a blog there to announce the launch and other information on the site.

Then there is DirectoryShift, which I started off in partnership with KingNomar. This site has been growing pretty nice. Already about 1000 active links in the directory and it is getting organic search traffic too, which is great for a directory. Do submit in your sites to the directory if you have not already.

My last months aims have come out good. I have good back links from many blogs and search engine love. This month also I will be continuing the same till the time I get a good a PageRank. So what’s your earnings this month?

  1. @pallab – yes, close! I had some more coming in, but had not got them yet…so putting them this month.

    Nirmal – Thanks! dropped by ur site…interesting theme there…

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