Blog Updated: Hopefully Problems are Over

This has to be the first time I ever took this long a break from blogging since I started off almost a year ago. Initially it used to be a redirect problem which was solved with the help of a line addition to the .htaccess file. Then it turned out that I was seeing two different blogs for each URL of the blog. That took a while to solve. Suddenly my proxies are taken down by my host saying that the bandwidth limit has been exceeded. This came as a blow considering that I was told that I will have unmetered bandwidth.

With frequent downtimes, I decided I move to a reliable host to have some sort of stability with my sites. The last one week was totally spent on hosting issues than developing the actual site. That kind of time is painful and I was lucky the PR did not happen as expected else I would have been penalized. I finnally moved to HostMonster who have a good package for hosting, though a bit more expensive than the previous host. The sense of security and reliability will make up for the excess.

All my sites are moved to the new host yesterday and now on I can concentrate on doing things than thinking of them 🙂 I also updated WordPress to the new version 2.2.2. A few plugins broke the blog when I updated. I am yet to find updates for them. Plugins which did not work for me are:

  • MyAvatars – Showing MyBlogLog faces near comments
  • MyTube -Embedding YouTube/Google Videos into posts
  • RunPHP – The old version did not work, but when I updated to the new one 2.3.1, it worked perfect.
  • Top Posts -Top Posts page display is not working with this version of wordpress
  • WordPress Stats – The nifty looking stats plugin showing WordPress stats are not working either.

Whenever I try to activate those plugins, it says headers cannot be modified something. I have no idea why, do you?

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