Blogging Idol II – The War is on!

I think I just got over the writers block last week and I think I have some 10 posts in future timestamp for this month already. I have not been posting regularly since the start of last month. But all that is set to change this month. I am planning on some really solid posts and some of them are already in schedule.

I have been thinking of a way to inspire myself back into blogging at TheAnand, helping people out and teaching the world how to blog 🙂 Blogging Idol hosted by Daniel is a great opportunity for me to try to challenge myself a bit. I went ahead and enrolled myself to it. I do not really care about winning, but it will be a race against time to try out all possible means to increase my reach out into the blogosphere.

Check the other competitors and the live scoreboards here.

If you are not a subscriber of this blog yet, please help me out by subscribing to my feeds and telling your friends, co-workers and your grandmother about this blog and make them subscribe to my feeds or subscribe by email.

I will be completing 2 ebooks/video tutorials this month set to release for free exclusively for my feed readers. If you do not subscribe by this week, you are going to miss the first tutorial I am currently making.

Some of the cool reading stuff you will get by subscribing to my blog are:

I might hold a ultra cool contest if I manage to get around doing it, but I will be concentrating on free options mostly to push myself to the limits. So, do remember to tell your grandmother and her dog to subscribe! I would really appreciate it.

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Create Wordpress Magazine Style Theme easy!

Create Wordpress Magazine Style Theme easy!