Blogswara – Impressive Independent Music!

Its a creative world outside!!! I know Joseph Thomas as a blogger and met him through the BlogCamp Kerala in August. What really caught my attention was a recent newspaper article about him in a national newspaper. He is the founder of Blogswara, which is a interesting mix of audio-blogging.

What is blogswara?

Blogswara is an internet music community which acts as a common platform for musicians (a majority of whom are amateurs) to showcase their talent before the world by producing original music and share it over the internet.

It is a collection of impressive fresh voices. Here is a teaser of the songs I found on the official blogswara site. I loved it! Their 5th album is due for release this week, and there is about 14 songs in the album.

And you do not have to go searching in torrents to get these MP3s, they are free to download 🙂 Have you seen any interesting mix of blogging with something recently?

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