Build a Niche Blog for Adsense Revenue

Today a friend of mine Nomar pinged me up on chat and challenged me to do a competition to create a low mantainance niche blog on a topic and make money off it with adsense. Though I see some good money with affiliates, adsense has been my favourite way of earning. It is low work, consistant returns and long term money maker.

I get a lot of questions about making money with adsense and online in general and SEO and stuff. So, I thought I would take a clue and build a site with you guys and show you first hand on how it is done.

The Goal:

To build a niche adsense site making about $30-$60 in 3 months with minimal effort. My competition is with Nomar of MonetizePRO, who is also my long time online friend and my first freelance employer. 🙂

He challenged me that he can do better than me at adsense and we decided that we hold a challenge to create a site in a common niche and after 3 months, that is in the month of January, whoever makes more money with adsense, wins.

The Plan:

I want to do this purely low mantainance so that I am involving my team of writers into this. I am thinking of about putting up about 15-20 articles a month till january and maybe 5 a month later on depending on the statistics.

We both selected the niche on saturday evening night, registered the domain and installed wordpress. I will make a detailed post on wordpress basic SEO soon so that you can get an idea of what I do.

The niche we selected is in health. We decided not to tell each other the domain name to keep things more interesting and hence I cannot tell you more on it. We are doing a site on a health releated sub niche is all that I can share now 😀

Join Me and Follow the Process:

If you would like to follow our little competition, subscribe to my RSS feeds as I post updates on the topic, or if you want you can join in with me as I do this site with your own site so that you get hands on experience. If you want to join in with me, hands on, get in touch so that we can work something out too.

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