First Adsense Check: Millionaire….?

Millionaire? Not Exactly Last week I got my first Adsense Check from Google. Nothing else for a better New Year Gift! Hope I keep getting these every month! How much was it? The check was a huge princely amount of 127$! Yep, I have not left out any zeros on either side intentionally or otherwise! […]

AGLOCO Dead: May Your soul rest in pieces!

So, its official today, AGLOCO is a dead horse project. All that hype claiming to make you money for surfing the Internet and all that hard work you guys put in for getting referrals and accumulating are hereby declared worthless! My first reaction was a smile when I got this email. I was expecting this […]

MyBlogLog and Adsense Stats Comparison

Last weekend saw one of my humour posts hit it big with StumbleUpon users. It was well received and hence a few ‘thumbs up’ brought in a lot of visits in a short time of 20 minutes. Now thats fast! But the other day I was checking the stats from all sources and MyBlogLog and […]

Bits of SEO, PHP and Online Money

How NOT to SEO I recently noticed that I rank pretty high for the keyword “Web Designer Cochin” on the first as the 4th result. I got all happy and then I decided to have a goal to reach the top to topple the currently numero uno. I with my knowledge of search engine optimization, […]

And $27.93 goes to…

I was thinking of making this into a video of sorts, but my stupid digicam is on a riot since my vacation in August. So people, I am announcing the winner of my contest – Smilu!!! Consider yourself lucky to win this prize since it will just help you get out of that blogspot domain […]

Announcing the end of 27.93 Giveaway!!

I am announcing the end of my $27.93 cash giveaway today. The response was pretty good and some more entries are in. I wanted to give everyone a fair chance before I closed this contest. Also my server troubles meant that I could not give the needed attention to this contest. Nevertheless, the contest closes […]

Google Ads now on emails!

This is the email I got the other day. It contained Google Ads in it. Initially I thought it was a mistake, but once I clicked on the ad I was certain that it was google ads. Here is the screenshot. I was wondering how ignorant people are about the adsense TOS. I doubt if […]

Hooray, My site has begun to suck !

If you remember, I had made a post about adsense earnings a few days back in which I said your site must well, suc to make money with Adsense. This month, I am happy to report that my site now sucs more than 100% than last month! Well, the best part is I am happy […]

Made For Paid Posts – Part 2

Going further deep into the paid posts and making money with them, I had told you about money in paid posts being the next best thing to do. Taking off from where I left that post: Buying a domain: This, as everyone will tell is the most important step. But when you are making money […]

MFA Dead, Made For Paid Posts = Yea!

With Google cracking down on Made For Adsense and Adsense Arbitrages, its no longer okie-dockie to make money with sites made only for Adsense revenues. I was thinking on new ways to make money online, when I remembered reading about Made for Text Links being the next big thing. But honestly, I don’t think it […]