StumbleCult: Get free 25 Credits!

StumbleCult the upcoming stumble helper for webmasters is now going strong and registrations are coming by the day. To celebrate the popularity, we are now giving away free credits to everyone, this excludes the free 10 credits you already get when you signup! The only requirement in order to win the credits is to blog […]

StumbleCult Opens Up

This post is kind of late. If you have been to the new StumbleCult recently, you might have noticed a lot of new stuff like the new design is up now and the registration is now open to everyone. StumbleCult is now officially open to the public 🙂 The platform is now stable and running […]

Rediff Web Business Still a Joke.

On 29th March, the refund of my Rediff Scam money was completed. A 30+ Days refund period?? Last week, I got a call from Ms. Minal Joshi who was talking about me enrolling as a Business associate with Rediff and selling their products. I think I did enroll for their program without my knowledge, thanks […]

StumbleCult: Get your Seed Stumbles

StumbleUpon, every blogger loves this one! Its a great source of traffic for every blogger, big and small. The best part of StumbleUpon is that it gives you free traffic and is not really into the crowd mentality like Digg or the other media sites. Though hard to monetize, it builds a brand by putting […]

SCAM: Rediff Hosting. Stay Away. They….

<–!Rant starts here–> I can complete the above title in a lot of ways: They…..suck …are unprofessional …are useless …are a waste of time …are a big bunch of scammers! Really. I usually use rediff to check the availability of domains since I found that they are pretty much professional in the fact that they […]

RadioEZ: Free Web-Based Radio

I always wanted to move out of WordPress content related sites to something more fun and interesting to work on. RADIOez is the site that started off as a personal venture on my localhost containing all the stations I listen to on the internet. Then the idea bulb struck and I finally got the site […]

Rambo 4 : Get your dose of violence

Yesterday was a gross day. Yea, watched the bloody movie, first day of release 🙁 As you regulars might already know, I am no movie buff but watch a few ones by chance or by fate. I went to meet up with a design client of mine and ended up watching a movie with him. […]

Update WordPress leaving your hair intact

Update WordPress leaving your hair intact. Seriously! I have WordPress on majority of my sites and I have a bad headache each time I do a upgrade. I find it tiresome hair-pulling to have all the file backups and database backups and deactivate the plugins, upload new files and all that. Takes me about 30 […]

The King Returns with Insane FREE hosting

King Nomar, my good Internet friend and my first Internet money making friend went low profile after he sold his blog. I am sure he must have got some nice change since it was bought by iEntry. The very same iEntry who bought CashQuests for $15,000 (I think) recently and are in the perfect process […]