Yahoo! Mail Beta Advanced Search Explained

I have been using my Yahoo! Mail account since the late 90’s and am sort of a fan to their new Yahoo! Mail beta, which is a AJAX powered mailbox meaning you will never have page loads again! I agree it is sort of cranky in the slower connections, but with my Airtel Broadband power, […]

MsDanielle, Can I have the Zune?

MsDanielle, Can I have the Zune? Please.. I have been planning this post for some time now, but since I did not want to rush the post since I really want to win that Zune. So, Whats this whole Zune thingy? Read on. Once upon a time….na, sounds boring ❗ I have no idea how […]

Withdraw Money from Paypal for Indians

Last week I got my paypal money deposited to my bank account. Time to celebrate 😈 It was a fairly simple procedure since I used my Xoom account to transfer the funds to my bank. Xoom is a online fund transfer service much like PayPal or Western Union Money Transfer and others. They specialize in […]

Airtel Advantage: Review

I had written earlier that I was going to quit my day job at Airtel in Cochin and start concentrating on my studies and my online activities. But due to some reason or the other, for the better or the worse I am still with Airtel Broadband and Telephone Services. I work in the retention […]

N-Gage QD – A long time User Review

The N-Gage QD has been the first phone in my life. I have been a faithful user of the N-gage QD since I bought it in last Feb. ’06. I bought it after reviewing almost half a dozen phones in the market. It had almost everything I needed like a Symbian OS, MMC Support, Truetones, […]