5 Days of Easy Link Building

This week I am in mood for some link building! Anyone remotely interested getting more traffic to their website will be interested in knowing the various options to build links to your sites. After some hours spent on my mindmap on building links, I plan to tell you the various avenues to build links to… (Continue reading »)

Social Media and ROI

If you are a Social Media Consultant in a country like mine, you would have probably heard this one a lot. What is the ROI I can expect from this campaign? Will having a Facebook community help my business? This post is in a lot of ways the expression of my inner feelings to my… (Continue reading »)

4 Tips on SEO for Images

A New age proverb says an image is probably worth a 1000 hits on Image search engines if you optimize it right. If you run a celebrity wallpaper like me, you should probably know that the majority of people looking for good wallpapers and shots of half naked celebs come from Google Image Search. There… (Continue reading »)

Is Real-Time Really The Future?

Google and Bing, the two major search engine competitors are currently on a race to integrate real time search into their results. This brings micro-blogging services mainly dominated by Twitter into the main-stream media. But, I am not convinced. Will real time search really define the future? As a SEO consultant, this brings nightmares. First… (Continue reading »)

5 Tips to SEO for WordPress

WordPress wins hands down as the best CMS platform ever built. I build all my sites using wordpress and then customize them to become SEO powerhouses. I can confidently assure you that – I eat SEO for wordpress! If you are looking for some basic SEO tips, I suggest reading my post – Free Search… (Continue reading »)

Social Media and Corporates

A recent survey of the internet marketing execs of USA about the usage of social media in their companies interested me. Most of these companies trying to increase their social media presence are not exactly trying to increase their brand awareness as I initially thought, they are trying to make life easier for their clients… (Continue reading »)

32 SEO Tips You Never Knew!

Taking off from my previous post about 32 SEO tips you never know about search engine optimization, I continue. Hope you find them useful and do remember to add in those I have missed at the comments. 15. Use a robots.txt to tell the bots. Though bots have been having better brains now than they… (Continue reading »)