Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Last week I was again struggling with server issues and downtimes on all my sites which made me look at ways to reduce the load on my poor server. I currently have about 50 wordpress installations and some 10 php based sites on the server. Though wordpress is considered to be a efficient script, having […]

Cool WordPress Plugins to Rock Thy Blog!

I never get fed up of searching for new snazzy plugins to make my blog more beautiful. 🙂 A beautiful blog makes you want to blog more effectively or so I believe. You might want to check out my other wordpress plugin posts like this one. My New WordPress Plugins Another 7 Useful WordPress plugins […]

Update WordPress leaving your hair intact

Update WordPress leaving your hair intact. Seriously! I have WordPress on majority of my sites and I have a bad headache each time I do a upgrade. I find it tiresome hair-pulling to have all the file backups and database backups and deactivate the plugins, upload new files and all that. Takes me about 30 […]

Yet more Useful WordPress Plugins

I recently updated my theme and added more useful WordPress Plugins. If you want to know which plugins are running of this Web Designer/Developer blog, you will want to check my recent wordpress plugins posts here and some useful plugins post here. I was thinking of putting up a page for all plugins I use, […]

WordPress Themes for Free Backlinks

I was experimenting with wordpress themes for testing them for providing a viable backlink source for my site. I recently uploaded my theme to wordpress and received more then 100 downloads in the first two or three days. This was simply excellent considering that it was my first theme and possibly my last one too! […]

Another 7 Useful WordPress plugins

I love wordpress for its plugins. Its like buying a plain car with the essentials and later on adding on accessories as you require them. And the best part about WordPress is that there are a lot of talented plugin creators out there, a set of people who share the love of the best blogging […]

WordPress 2.2 Updated & 5 Feature Requests

I have finally updated my blog to the latest version of my favourite blogging platform – WordPress. I really hate updating this though, since it involves a lot of work, like all other lazy people, I would love a one-click update feature. 👿 And I have a lot of feature requests too, I want my […]

Power Blogger Tip!

I found this new idea for power blogging last month, and I wanted to test it before I let you know if it really works or not. When I started blogging some time back, I usually sit for some time and think about the topic to blog and research about it and then blog about […]