Cell Phone Charger for Motorcycles – Ideaforge ROVER Review

Before I left for the amazing ride to Leh, Ladakh last month, I was looking for ways to keep myself connected while on the move. My trusty Nokia E5 has a amazing battery compared to smartphones in the market today, but when I use the GPS frequently, the power drains a lot quicker. I found the perfect solution on eBay called Ideaforge Rover, a mobile charger for motor bikes.

This charger is affordable (Rs. 250/$5) including shipping and the product has been designed pretty well to protect against the usual suspects like rain, theft etc.

(left to right) Cellphone connecters, removable charging wire and battery connecting wires.

There are three parts to this charger –

  • Connecter from battery
  • Removable charger wire
  • Swappable charging pins for Nokia, Micro-USB and Sony Ericsson.

With the help of Lijo Kuriala, the charger was fixed directly to the battery with a small switch and I was able to use the charger comfortably for the whole journey. It works very well  and is very recommended for anyone looking for a solution to charge a cell phone in the motorcycle. You can find the product on eBay or on the official Ideaforge website.

  1. Hello Anand.. I was wondering if there are multi pins attached to it… Got a Samsung galaxy note which has the small USB connector.. Do u think its compatible?

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