Get rid of Mosquitoes – The Modern Way!

It is hell.
My city – Cochin, also called the commercial capital of Kerala, is fast becoming the capital for advanced breeding of mosquitoes. These things are smart as far as I can see, they have survived the worst of human attempts to eradicate them, growing immune to most repellents. There is no such thing as a peaceful evening with these pesky little insects around. Serious.

Why? Why does the mosquito always buzz in my ears? How does it know where exactly my ears are? Why does it only attack me? And why is Tommy(My more blood containing dog) left in peace? A million questions with answers no where in sight!

Everyone hears about the mischief monger – Mosquito and their itchy bites which cause many a dreaded disease and all that. But in this city, the mosquitoes hardly cause those kind of trouble. If they are anything, they are down-to-earth ANNOYING!

As I type this, there is a mosquito sitting on my F11 key, deciding its next best course of action to feast on my tasty O+ blood. December and January are the worst months when there is no rain and it is the best time of breeding for these plain-pesky creatures.

Enough is enough, I decided, its time to teach these creatures a lesson or maybe two more even more. My first course of action was the plain old coils, which fumed my room to no end and though the effect wore out by early morn putting me again at their mercy.

The second course of action was the mosquito mats, which in comparison were more pleasant smelling than the coils. They seemed to have the same effect on them as they had on me. I think I heard them saying this the other night

“WOW, nice smell bro, perfect ambience to say cheers with a glass of hot o+ blood with my partner. . . .”

Obviously it is not working. Then while googling for a solution I came across a article by someone where he speaks about a mp3 file which plays a hi frequency sound, enough to drive those mosquitoes crazy. I immediatly got the file and played it, though the effects were not immediate, after about 5 minutes, the degree of “annoying” came down. Ah! finally a solution that works! Its official folks, here is the best hi-tech solution for everyone troubled by those stupid mosquitoes. They made life a living hell, time for a pay back…..muhaahaa…muhahhahaha (*laughs evilly with a twinkle in his eye ;-)).

Also this tone has another peculiarity too, it is a special sound which can be only be heard by kids and teens who are upto about 20 years old or so. Remember that ring tone which the kids used at a school to prevent detection by their teachers? This is the same one. Talk about 2 targets in one shot.

Get you digital mosquito repellent here.

Do let me know if this works for you and if we can do anything else to get away from this annoying creatures! Happy Repelling!

P.S Guess it won’t be long before they come over and buzz in your ears:

“Nice music mate, wanna dance?” 🙂

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