Content Rewriting is not a Sin

I had recently posted my thoughts on content duplication and it was pretty much criticized over by friends due to a lot of reasons. I started off making money online rewriting content on digitalpoint and other forums and I still suggest that to beginners who want to start off making money online.

Initially it felt really bad it was work sans creativity and felt like my work at the call center before that, but then as I did it in the digital point forums, I learnt a lot of things looking just watching the forum spy. Content rewriting has been there in the traditional media as long as anyone can remember. What do you see on Sundays where you have supplements on youth, recipes, interview tips and more. They are rehashed content from the internet, from other books and journals.

Also as aravind recently pointed out, clone posts do not suck, but they help in re-establishing the points in the core idea. But copied or duplicate posts are another issue. Recently I was asked by a friend why song lyric sites and food recipe sites do not get banned from search engines, why? They have the same content cuz you cannot make MJ sing Billy Jean as Jelly Bean to escape the content penalty! Maybe thats where the linkbuilding and marketing activity makes sense.

So, what do you think of duplicate posts and re-written posts on the blogosphere?

  1. there are many instances where content rewriting is not a sin. Consider ecommerce product pages you may write original content only for the product description (product marketing copy), but what about the product features and specs, i think there is no go except to rewrite the same product features by just mixing words into them…what say?

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