Conversion Optimization: Are you losing out?

This is not breaking news. It is not new and it has definitely been talked about across the internet.But internet marketing consultants I come across rarely do this for their clients.

What is conversion optimization?

Its a fairly straight forward deal. Optimize your website for conversions! Want your visitors to signup to your newsletter? Want your visitor to send you their contact information? Want your visitors to click on your ads?

Simple things to optimize your website to your goal can go a long way in gaining more business leads, more earnings,more list members and anything else you want your visitors to do. “Conversion Optimization”  is a term mostly associated with the search marketing activity as money being spent needed to achieve the maximum ROI for clients.

In SEO, the conversion optimization aspect is hugely ignored and the effort spent on rankings, traffic does not always convert into business, which does not give enough incentive for a client to continue in the longer run.

The amount of business that could be lost just because your website is not optimized for conversion is insane. At ayruz web holdings, I mainly concentrate on the SEO front and my partner – Kenney Jacob takes care of the Search Marketing aspect for our clients. But both of us ensure that there is enough optimization done on the client website and landings to help with conversion.

Does your internet marketing agency do “Conversion Optimization”?

If not, I would strongly recommend that you contact them regarding this and see if there is anything they can do to help.

The changes required are usually simple and just about any web design/development company can do it. But you need to define the term “conversion” as applicable for your website. It can be leads, social media sharing, newsletter signups or  even clicks on ads (if you do niche marketing). If you run a ecommerce website, the importance of  “Conversion Optimizaton” is more urgent as people looking to buy your product might visit your website and then ultimately buy from another website!

To know your goal to set, take a look at your digital strategy and decide what you want your visitors to do the most. In niche marketing,  your goal would be more clicks on your ads. In real estate, it might be to capture leads of interested customers and so forth.

Do feel free to ping me up in the comments section or contact me in person to know if you need any advice on how to further optimize your website for conversion.

PS: When thinking conversions in the offline world done perfectly, all that you can think of are religious conversions and Multi-Level Marketing Programs!

  1. The most important thing in marketing is knowing your customers and make them buy your products even if they don’t really want them. Thank you for showing us how to make our website’s visitors move to action (whether by clicking on ads or whatever), and not just visit our website and leave.

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