Cool WordPress Plugins to Rock Thy Blog!

I never get fed up of searching for new snazzy plugins to make my blog more beautiful. 🙂 A beautiful blog makes you want to blog more effectively or so I believe. You might want to check out my other wordpress plugin posts like this one.

On to this editions useful and cool wordpress plugins 🙂

Different Posts Per Page: This is a plugin that lets you define how many posts you want to display per page. I find this very useful since I want to display all the posts in the archives page, but only 7 on the homepage, 5 on the results page and likewise. Neat.

Google Sitemaps: I used to have another plugin for this, but this one is more sexy, but they do leave a lot of self links on the newly created sitemap. Kinda okie.

Simple Tags: Last month or so, the tags system on my blog broke down and I did not even know about it until last week when I saw about 188 not found(404 errors) on my blog! Upon investigation, the wordpress upgrade had left simple tagging plugin broken. I was mad, since the plugin itself has been stopped by the author. Fortunately, Simple Tags is a take off the same plugin, but its got a whole lot of functionality built into it. SEXY to say the least. In love with it already.

AskApache Search Engine Verification: Since my site was broken, sitemap in error. I removed my site from the Google Webmaster Central and added it again. This plugin helped my verify wordpress blog using meta tags.

Hopefully that rounds up the set of plugins I currently use for my blog. Did you find anything useful here? Do share in your thoughts.

  1. I have to warn you that using too many plugins is not a good idea – it might slow up the site.

    And why are you using simple tags? Just update WordPress to 2.3 version – it has native tagging. Or did the 2.3 update that break simple tags?

  2. I know, but I keep finding new interesting plugins all the time to increase the functionality of wordpress. 😀 Also using the wrong plugins can end up leaving the blog hacked too…

    The Simple Tags plugin uses the native wordpress taggins system itself, but its main advantage is about tag suggestion from Yahoo and TagTheNet. it helps finding new tags for posts.

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