Digging the Archives

Today I went around digging my own archives again to find some of my well received posts. Those who are new to my blog might find it interesting. Tell me what deserves a kudos or a kick!

These are some of the posts I found to get some good traffic from searches too. Tomorrow on, I will be tell you some really helpful ways to get your blog some fast and easy linkbacks for some PR and Google love! Maybe I am turning into a SEO blogger now. 😛

I recently ended up falling sick and I could hardly get out of the bed which explains my half baked posts this week. Co-incidently I bought the domain related to a viral fever called Chikungunya. Hmm . . 🙂

  1. I have to say you are sounding like an SEO blogger. I find many blogs i read turn towards this. Money drives the world.

    More importantly its the mystery of SEO that keeps me reading how different people have found ways to tweak their ratings in the SERPs.

    I look forward to your next post 😉

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