Directory Submissions – Day 5 of Easy Link Building

Directory Submissions are what most SEO experts in the industry call – “Old School”. But personally, after all those chats of directory submissions going south with a Google ban on them, personally, I think it still works. I keep directory submission as a part of my weekly efforts on backlinks. It is pretty much the cheapest link-building methods out there.

But yes, the quality of the directories you submit to matters. I usually submit to those directories who are doing some sort of SEO for their sites and have decent authority backlinks to themselves. The list of directories will be soon attached to my RSS footer, so if you want a peice of my directory sheet, do subscribe to my RSS or get the updates by email.

I am sure that if you have complete the 5 days of easy backlinks exercises with me, then you will most probably have a ton of backlinks to your websites! Do let me know in the comments if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback on my methods.

Happy LinkBuilding!

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