Do you run a Business or a Job?


I ask myself this question every once in a while. I remember overhearing in deep sleep in some audiobook  – “Any that requires you to work from morning to evening is not a business, but it is a job.” I am a great fan of this phrase. It is common sense yet when you think about it, it is dangerously powerful.

I am not exactly suggesting that you outsource all your work and sit back home munching chips and drowning cola, but if you have a part of business which is  essential to the business, but not worth your effort, OUTSOURCE. I remember a tweet by Mani Karthik where he said something on the lines which meant Anyone can outsource to anyone, thats the beauty of the internet.

How many hours do you work on your business/job? If you are starting up, you are excused, but if you have been generating an income online or offline, that you need to rethink about what you do.

    1. agree….but having it outsourced lets you concentrate on whats important to your business than be stuck with link building and on page optimization 🙂

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