Don’t bother adding me as your friend!

This was what I found on a orkut profile:

“Don’t bother adding me as a friend, I do not add strangers as friends. ”

Then I thought, I would scrap him on orkut, but then it said only friends can scrap! Hell, then why even have accounts on all these “social” networks!?!?! I understand you want to use your orkut account only for friends, but why block the possibility of getting new contacts and friends and even fans?

Would I bother getting in touch with him again? Possibly not, not unless he is the Big B! Being a blogger, it is really important for you to be accessible. People get in touch with you for help, an occasional praise or even some get in touch with you only for swearing! But I enjoy everyone of those interactions with people. I am happy to invoke reactions in people, good or bad. At least, thats what I believe in.

So, what does your social profile say? My goes something like

Don’t bother getting in touch if you are an alien, I do not share your views, Earthlings Rock!!!

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