Duh! Wheres the PageRank Update?

I have been terribly busy the past month looking at ways to increase my revenue and presence online. Also I am a bit pissed off by the pending page rank. As a webmaster or as a money seeker online, you must know the importance of page rank. It is what determines your ceiling to make money on the web. I am angry with this update since it is not being fair to me. I build a lot of sites build links to them and wait for the Pagerank update, but where is it?

I think the Pagerank is either history or something is changing behind the scenes. Initially Pagerank was a way to judge the importance of a site, to know how relevant it is to the subject it covers. Then webmasters began to monetize on the pagerank and it became a standard benchmark to know how much a link on your site can be sold for. A lot of webmasters have their chunk of money made online through link sales.

But Google did not like this ad sales and think that its in someway manipulating their algoritham. They even had a page setup to report link buyers and sellers. Since Pagerank is a important factor in link sales, I was wondering if Google decided to scrap Pagerank. Maybe they decided to make it private so that people cannot see what PR a site is, but google will know.

What do you guys think about this months update? Let your comments flow in!