Err, Where am I?

I got back from my vacation. But I am in a strange problem. My site is having a problem with www. and without www which is showing different versions on this site. I have no idea which server I am posting this on.

If I visit without the www., it shows a post dated 5th Aug. And then when I go to it shows a post dated 8th Aug as the latest post. Also some comments go missing. Has anyone else experienced this somehow? What am I to do other than mail my host and wait? All my SEO efforts will go down the drain if it stays much longer on the one without the www. since it is redirecting to the URL without www.

Dang, my posting frequency is going down the drain. Sorry again my good people! I have a lot of catching up to do on the contest and other things. Its like, Where am I ?

  1. hi everyone, thanks for your concern. Its almost fixed, but I am still seeing the old version of this blog sometimes. I don’t feel like posting without solving this problem. Talk about weekend getting ruined!

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