Error 14 – iPod Touch Sync/Restore Error

My first sour experience with my first apple product. I bought an iPod touch last thanksgiving and so far, I am pretty impressed with its capabilities. But last weekend, I tried to update my OS into the latest 3.1.3 and ended up pretty much bricking my ipod. The screen was stuck at the sync screen and refused to respond to any action.

And when I tried to restore my ipod back into the previous, I got a error 14. Stumped and worried with all the bricking stories, I spent more than two days searching for a solution. And at some point of tinkering with it, it showed up as an iphone! (sigh..wish it was true!) 😉

And ultimately, a forum response helped.

The solution for windows: Press Start, right-click on My Computer, select Manage.. then goto device manager, select Universal Serial Bus controllers and uninstall Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and reconnect your ipod touch. It should probably reinstall the driver itself and restore works!

weird errors and weird solutions! Hope this post helps those searching frantically with a broken ipod touch 🙂

  1. Bless you. Many solutions apparently have worked for other people, but it took finding this one to solve my problem. How frustrating. Wish I could elevate this to the top of the Error 14 search.

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