3 Essential Tips to Start with Affiliate Marketing

I had been talking about getting into affiliate marketing for sometime now and one of the main hurdles I faced about 6 months back was that TheAnand was my biggest site and the blog brought in bulk of the traffic. I tried applying for a few affiliate programs and most of them rejected me since the site was in a sub-domain. Here is a tip, next time you plan to build a big long term site, do it on the main domain, not on a sub-domain!! I learnt this the hard way.

Since then, things changed and with joining in MarketLeverage, things have been looking good indeed! We joined then about 3 months back and money made with them is pretty good. I would totally recommend them to anyone planning to start off with Affiliate Marketing with their simple interface and good offers.

This is a screen shot of the earnings since July end:

Though there are people making more than USD $10,000 a month from affiliate marketing, I have the excuse that I am only starting off 😉

1. No one wants to help you out: Giving up on adsense niches is pretty easy, but ask any affliate marketer, he will not give up on his niche affliate market. The competition is almost saturated in every market out there that no one wants theirs friend in! So, you are on your own learning about affliate marketing unless you have a very helpful friend 😉

2. Adwords can burn you bad: Once you start creating landing pages and bringing in traffic,  keep a tab on your affiliate earnings and expenses so that you do not get burned up. And don’t forget to use the geo-target on offers.

3. Patience and a lot of money: Since no one is really interested in helping you out with affiliate marketing, you are sure to loose a lot of money on it initially. But it will teach you a lot too. So, you are warned 🙂

This is what I can tell every newbie out there. Affiliate is a very interesting venue to make money and unlike adsense, its payout for your effort will be very high.

Are you a part of any affiliate programs? Which ones do you suggest? Drop your affiliate links in the signature and I will look into them too.

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