Expanding Online Presence

Most people make money online through many methods as I mention earlier in my Money Online: How To Guide, many people use their blog to make money online like selling links on the blog, adsense and affliate programs and more. John Chow and Mike are examples of this kind of money online. There are a few others who use their blog as a launchpad to sell something they have on offer. Blogger of this kind include KingNomar and me. Both of us have other sources of income than the blog, but enjoy blogging and use it as a launch desk to promote our new ventures and existing services.

I am expanding my online presense with another blog, Capital-Surf. It is basically a web development blog, the reason why I bought it is still not clear, for one thing it has a good PR which I can use, then it was cheap for a blog of 4 months. I might add revenue streams to the blog later but right now, I am focusing on creating some good content on the blog. For this reason, I am running a blog review feista this month. Want to take part? Head over and follow the instructions here

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