FAQ on making money online

Ever since I expressed about my desire to earn money on the net, I got a lot of responses and questions from my friends and mates about this. I thought of putting them up here and answering them like a FAQ so as to let others to know more about this whole idea of making money on the net.

1. Can one really make money on the internet?

Yes, believe it or not? We can actually make money on the net despite all those scams and fraud companies. It is estimated that there are 30 scam sites for every genuine site out there in the net. Everything depends on how you choose to make money on the net. One main thing to be kept in mind is the reputation and the general feedback of the site you are joining up.

2. What investments are required to make money online?

NIL investment and yes, I mean it. There are sites which let you join for free and earn cash right away. There are sites which charge for giving you access to their database with the opportunities.

3. What are the skills I require to learn to earn?

This is the best part. You need very few skills to start earning. To start with, knowledge of using the internet, command on language, a internet connection and some time to spend. Sounds very interesting, doesn’t it?

4. Why earn money online?

Well, this is a stupid question I agree. Who doesn’t need money? There are a few who look for opportunities on the net to earn some money at minimal effort. There are others who are willing to spend more time and effort to start earning five-figure income on the net and go on to quit their day jobs!

In the coming days I will sharing with you a few legitimate sites which I came across while researching on the net and how to make the maximum from them. Till then post your comments, ask what you need to know about making money online.

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