Finally, I quit Smoking!

I can finally say that I have quit the worst habit that I had from my school days. Its been about a week or even more since I officially declared my hostility to the habit. I cannot really say it was a walk in the park or anything close to it. I was smoking more than once an hour until last week.

The desire to quit had been on my mind for sometime now, but I never gave it much of a thought till someone very special made me realize a lot of things and gave me hopes of life beyond 32.


After considering a range of options from nicotine tabs to patches, I decided to go with the age old cold turkey method of quiting. On the day before I decided to quit, I smoked almost twice my daily average and told myself that this will be the last time I will ever get that smoke down to my lungs. Then I told all my friends my intention to quit, who were surprisingly understanding and respected my decision instead of ridiculing me (considering that I had decided to quit more than 75 times earlier 🙂 ).

The first 3 days were the ultimate hellish kind of experience. I used up about 15 chewing gums, 2-3 breakfasts, lunches and dinners to keep myself busy and away from the thoughts of a smoke. I could literally feel my frustration of not being able to kiss the butt of a cigarette. Then on, the feeling slowly goes off and I carefully stayed away from my usual places of hangouts and gallons of water helped a lot too. Chewing gums are you best friends for some more time.

Starting this week, I have been having less of those terrible headaches and thoughts like

“Just once more, not again ever after, no one will ever know. ONCE MORE” 🙂

Tips to quit smoking easily

If you can control your thoughts like these for more than a week, you have crossed half the path to a smoke-free life. I never really thought I could quit, it hung around like a habit that no one really appreciated, but finally I did it, I quit! That special person has a great share on my success in quitting the cigs. It really helps to have someone who cares about you and understands you as you really are. BIG thanks to you if you read this sometime.

Since I have successfully quit this thing once in for all, I would like to challenge all you smokers out there to quit smoking for a week. Its not about quiting, but about showing yourself as a independent person with a mind of you own, not the mind which runs on smoke and believe me, if I could, you really can.

Just a week, can you quit smoking? Let me know if you smoke, when you got into it and if you are trying to quit. I can help you with the little knowledge I have on this 🙂

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Kerala Roads: Enter at your own risk!

Kerala Roads: Enter at your own risk!