First Adsense Check: Millionaire….?

Millionaire? Not Exactly Last week I got my first Adsense Check from Google. Nothing else for a better New Year Gift! Hope I keep getting these every month!

How much was it?

The check was a huge princely amount of 127$! Yep, I have not left out any zeros on either side intentionally or otherwise!

First Adsense Check in Cochin for Anand ;)


Yep, right again. This is my first check from Google ever ever ever! I have been online for more than 7 years now, blogging for about 16 months now and this is my first check? YES! Thats the best part, I just learned the hard way that pennies and cents do addup to a nice amount. 😉

What took me so long?

My real money making life online started when I started this blog. Before that I was only a casual surfer of the web, a bystander. Still when I jumped into the money making bandwagon with making money online niche, I did not realize the mistake until recently. Webbies do not click on Ads! Nope, they really don’t! Its been ages since I even remember seeing a Google Ad.

How long was it anyways?

Age of My Adsense Account

Quite a loong time to earn 100$, anyone would say! But patience proved itself and I am here with a earnings for 127$ for my first check. I know I sound stupid trying to glorify my small earnings, but its not my intention. Only intention being that to inspire other smaller bloggers like me who are fed up seeing 0.00 all day through the week. Its a difficult start and your first check is the toughest to reach, take my word for it if you a beginner to making money online 😉 But hey, it paid for my hosting for a whole year!

Since ShoeMoney(read this blog tmro 😉 ) will be attending the BarCamp Kerala, I might as well ask him for a few tips.