Fraud ALERT: BombayBiz India Spam Scam Hosting Services

The truth is I have no idea how many domains I own any more. I have pretty much every domain set on auto renew and those include domains from my personal network, the ayruz network and the rest are mostly domains for friends and family.

When I registered this domain of mine –, I registered which is my dads chartered accountancy firm. It has been with my server and my own registrar since day 1. My dads firm got an letter the other day from BombayBiz India Private Limited, some company based out of Andheri, India asking for money to renew the domain and hosting for the domains when it expires this December.

I got confused for a second. It seems to be some of invoice for the services rendered by them for the domain. My dads firm who handles this gave me call asking me for more information. I was perplexed again as I usually renew the domain every year myself and have never billed them for anything.

Upon sending this to my registrar, I got the reply that this might be spam. So, a heads up for you guys out there who get a mail in your letterbox that BombayBiz wants money for something they want to do in the form of a legitimate looking invoice, it is SPAM. You can safely toss that letter into your favourite papper shredder and continue with your life.

I am outraged at their guts to try something as corny as this to make money off the hosting business. Get your ethics right BombayBiz hosting.

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