Free Search Engine Optimization Tips

Below are some of the ways which I think everyone should follow to get the their basics of SEO right.

Now Showing: SEO basics for the beginner newbie who just wants some traffic for his site a.k.a FREE Search Engine Optimization Tips.

Before starting off, some boring theory for you(boring, but essential):

Ok, if you ask me about SEO. Its mostly about creating a site which is user friendly and it has links point to it from other authority sites which means that it is relevant content. Think of links as a vote to your blog. Hence the term “Link Building Campaigns”. Get that vote honey!

User Friendliness is where all the H1 tags(big titles) and alt text of images, sitemap and other tips come in.

And Keywords. Target for “popular beaches in bangalore” and you will not get any get much traffic (Excuse the lame!).

And why do SEO professionals charge you so much of money to rank your site on top of the engines?

Answer: That information is beyond the scope of this post as it says FREE Search Engine Optimization Tips 🙂

Tips: Tools, Tricks and KNOWLEDGE 🙂

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