Get a Free & Unique WordPress Theme Design for your Blog

Yea, I want to give you a chance to redesign that blog of yours with a spanking new design and give a breath of fresh air to your blog. The design will be as per your tastes and inputs. For a example of the wordpress magic I can do, check up the design of this blog, my homepage and my free themes section.

Why do you need a professional design?

How could you even ask that question! No one wants to be one of the millions, everyone wants to be the one in millions out there. I have redesigned my blog three times now after using the popular misty look theme.

How is it done?

I am sure you are the best guy to judge your own blog. You should definitly have an idea about how your blog should look like after a redesign. So, browse around some blogs, get me the type of design you are looking for, and I will incorporate all the elements from the blog, but I will not copy it! Then, once we have the perfect look, the theme will be converted into xhtml and wordpress and will be uploaded to a demo test installation of wordpress.

What does the fine print say?

Well, conditions are applicable indeed 🙂 I have a few conditions and requirements for you to get your free unique wordpress theme.

  • You should have a PR of 4.
  • Your blog should be older than 8 months.
  • Your RSS subscribers should be greater than 100
  • Every Theme will have a footer link which cannot be removed.

When I wanted to redesign my blog, the quotes I received from $300 to $1500, so there is nothing to beat a free offer anyday 😉 Please reply with your blog url in the comments and contact me even if you do not meet the criteria so that I can check up and let you know.

  1. This is a great offer, I will just have to wait for the next PR update (I was PR4, then it dropped, now it will rise again) and I need a few more subscribers. All other requirements I am fine with, and I don’t mind a footer link at all, I wish I could magically pop up a few subscribers and get the PR update to come!

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