Get your Own Edu Blogs and Links For Free

What if I told you that I can tell you a trick that will help you own unlimited .edu blog for free? What if I told you that .edu backlinks are most sought after links by most link builders and SEO Gurus everywhere? Guess you already knew that. 🙂

I recently wrote my first ebook about this little known secret of getting your own edu blogs on the internet for free. I think its pretty much unique and never discussed anywhere. I am selling it in the Digitalpoint Marketplace for a measly $19.99. Why? For one, I have been using this trick for more than 8 months now and have lost interest in this. So I decided to make this public. I did not want to let every one know about this since than it will be meaningless and these avenues will be shut down. Why risk it? 🙂 So I priced it pretty and made sure you can afford it.

So why am I blogging about it? Simple, I just wanted to give my readers a bit of my love by offering a discount on the ebook. I will be giving it to you for a princly sum of $14.99! This ebook will give you immediate access to 3 free edu blogs and more as you follow my instructions on it. So, get your copy today! Simply get in touch through the contact form and get your .edu backlinks just like that!

Here are a few reviews from the original thread:


Just read the ebook, and have to say that it delivers on it promise.
Individuals cant buy .edu domains, so the trick for getting .edu blogs for free is invaluable.
When I run niche/mfa sites, i usually make a blog or too about them at and for backlinks(and it helps a lot), so getting free unlimited backlink from my own edu website will be perfect.

Finally we have an ebook which doesnt tell us things we already know – my only request to Anand is that you dont sell this to more than 10-15 people – so that people dont start .edu blog spamming.

Thanks for the ebook


Just finished the ebook. First thing first, it is only of 2 pages and contains one loop hole of how you can create blogs on .edu domains. The Good thing is, it is totally worth $20. I will prefer to buy 2 page ebook which contains some tip/loophole rather than buying a 100 page ebook which just talks common sense.

Highly recommended for those who are seriously looking to get .edu blogs and links. Now just hope this technique don’t get overused..


My Review:
Best possible honest review.
The book is all about the core concept and greatest idea on the earth.Author has listed down some good blogs for free edu backlinks. But book doesn’t stop there, author has revelaed a secret how to mubltiply them and gain popularity. I started some research and acted extacly as told in the book. So far in less than 10 min, i found 4 free new edu backlinks for my blog.

I can recommend it, if you are really serious about good edu back links for FREE!!!!!!!!!!

If these reviews do not convince you, I have no idea what will! I did not mean to create a long sales thread to bore you, but just wanted to make sure I had the point across the table 🙂

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