Google Ads now on emails!

This is the email I got the other day. It contained Google Ads in it. Initially I thought it was a mistake, but once I clicked on the ad I was certain that it was google ads. Here is the screenshot. I was wondering how ignorant people are about the adsense TOS. I doubt if this type of ads violation will go unnoticed for long. Have you seen this before?

Google Adsense on emails

Happy Weekend folks! Its the festival of Onam here at my place, Cochin in Kerala. Celebrations are in full swing with everyone in a holiday mood for the next 3 days. Its time for a great traditional feast and a change from the usual burgers and pizzas 🙂

  1. Sadly, the Google AdSense in emails is a feature reserved for premium publishers only. Those sites who are premium publisher-backed are able to do so. Those who aren’t are shit out of luck.

    It really does stink, though. It would be wonderful to throw some of those referral offers into an email or two. They’d probably convert really well.

  2. True, That is one of the possibilities. These type of ads get a better CTR and hence good money. Looks like the good old capitalist method of rich gets richer and poor gets poorer 🙂

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