Google Adsense Money – Worth it?

Recently I have been thinking on these lines.

Adsense is undoubtedly the best in making money online for most webmasters and many have been making more than 5 figures out of it. Adsense provides webmasters an opportunity to make money out of what they do. Providing contextual ads to the content and stuff. But is the money from it worth it?

This is my take. I am basically a netizen, love being on the internet and learning more and sharing more. And the last thing I want to do when I am on a site I am enjoying is to click on some ad that will take me away from the site. Don’t you agree? This brings me to one possible conclusion, that is

Your site must suck or must be totally useless to make money out of Adsense!

Don’t get me wrong here. I do admire all those making money with Adsense. A 3 figure income from Adsense alone is super cool, but it seems not to be working for me! I understand that you have great content. But I was just thinking my way about the way I look at things when I am on a visitors shoe. Unless the ad is so compelling and interesting, my mouse usually steers clear of all the ads. Besides Adsense on a blog is regarded as unprofessional by many.

What do you do with adsense? Do you click on the ads because you are really interested in it? Share your experiences with Adsense and other ads in general.

  1. Yes, you do loose a reader when he clicks on a google ad. But, if you have a clicktrough rate of 1% you loose 1 out of every hundred reader and earn 10cents. Seems to be worth it to me.
    Also often the reader clicks on ads after he has completed reading what you have to say.

  2. I agree that you CAN make money. However, making a significant amount is tough! You must not put all your eggs in one basket though…. Adsense isn’t the only place to make money!

  3. Hi,
    I am new to this blog. Just found it, and is looking around. I am from Kerala too.

    Regarding this article, I have to say I don’t fully agree with you. I use Firefox, and I right click and select ‘Open in new tab’. Won’t that count as a click?
    Besides, how much stupid I might be, I always click on the ads that say – “make $$$ from home!” and all that. So, I find ads in blogs to be quite OK.

    Nice blog anyway!

    1. Pallab – True, but then I am not getting that kind of traiifc who click on ads, not even the 1% you are telling me about, there is no point in running a useless ad campaign right?

      Disc Golf – Spot On! I am running Adsense just cuz I want to reach my first payout in more than 2 years!

      Sarat – Nice to know that you are from my place, maybe, keep reading and keep in touch! But adsense, dos it allow open in new tab feature? I am not able to do that… hmm.

  4. Nope – Google adsense doesn’t allow the ads to be opened in a new tab unless you are a premium publisher or something like that – but the use can always right click on an ad and select ‘Open in new tab’, right?

    1. wonder whts your take on this? do you guys make money out of adsense? i am thinking of turning it off…

  5. Oh great point about if you make money from adsense your site must suck! ha ha ha I think you’re absolutely spot on. I earn enough from adsense on my website (not my blog of course) to pay for the hosting and a bit more on top in about 3 or 4 months. But if you are making serious adsense cash or even affiliate income then you must have a totally montised site which in terms of creativity would totally suck.. I never thought of that before. I am still tempted to have a go at a bit of adsense arbitrage one day though…

  6. Let me share some of my personal experience. I too used to get only a few clicks and eCPM was pretty bad. But when the traffic increased and the site ranking improved, so did the eCPM. When you have lot of traffic coming in, there is a higher chance of ad clicks.

    You have to have one killer post (probably digged). None of my posts got digged, however the airtel data card post seems to be nicely indexed in google and gets an avg of 500 unique visits/day πŸ™‚

    Not everybody is a geek and for common surfers (who are probably not aware that the site makes money by ads), they are tempted to click on the ads (from my experience, image ads have done well from past few months)

    So keep the adsense ads. They will show some results over the period of time.

  7. I completely agree with Venu. People visiting your blog by Search Engine will click your Ads, because they are looking for something. When your site doesn’t exactly fit their expectations, and an advertisement does, they will click.

    I don’t dislike your ads. They are well blended and I don’t find them compelling at all. Visitors will be interested. Just keep the ads and see what will happen!

    PS: “It seems you didn’t pass math”. I always thought 4+5 makes 9?

  8. πŸ˜† 4 + 5 is 9. This site is running on Windows, that maybe the reason for this error πŸ˜†

    I have some good google loving posts like the agloco scam and the airtel recharge hacks, but they are not really converting to adsense cash. they are bad traffic since they do in no way relate to what I write in my blog these days and probably they are just college kids looking for a way to get free cell credits!

    I am keeping them at the moment since I have no other alternative and every penny counts!

  9. ahhh… you see i haven’t made much from my blog (i don’t think I ever will) but, I must say on other sites that i’ve created i’ve made in the range of $8k (with proof) in one month… the sites were nothing related to blogs or the blogging community… but i’m telling you there are ways out there to making the money…

  10. Androo, there are sure money makers and money making ideas out there, but I am talking about blogs, where the readers attention is limited, if you do not produce proper content, the reader will be more than happy to leave the site using adsense. I do not want that to happen also these days my adsense seems to be smart priced, the ppc is way tooo low for me.

  11. Google just suspended my account, took the $62 in it and then gave me my empty account back. They said I was penalized for invalid clicks but it took 5-years to reach $62 so I guess I was lazily clicking away all that time on my own ads right? I think its a con job and Google are in trouble with Wall St… comments? Oh – see my post at

  12. It’s not a con job, but you will need a good site and a lot of visitors to attract clicks. I average just $1 a day, but that certainly covers any hosting costs I have and more….
    The clicks I get (related to content) do not make much, but I get plenty of clicks. It is dependent not only on your traffic, but also on whether your keywords attract adverts that pay well – If I had keywords related to subjects that paid better I could be making loads, but that would mean changing the entire content of the site. If you change the entire content of your site, just to make adsense revenue… your site will suck!!

  13. Jay is right; you need quality content to play the game of adsense. And with the new terms and conditions, by the end of march you need a disclosure on your site….sorry for your loss though. It happens at times. Maybe you shud try adbrite, they have low payouts of 10$ if I am not wrong. . . .

    Jay, have you seen any example adsense policy disclosures or stuff recently? March end is round the corner!

  14. Any click on a google adsense in your website is a bonus for you if you are already working and have a set career. You just cannot make it a full time earning source… No doubt Google Adsense is a much better and more realistic earning option over the internet than some of the hoax websites like mginger… sms2india. Try for home based jobs.

  15. hi everyone
    i would like to share you with my experience with google adsense.I’ve create a blog witch i believe is good.however it’s in arabic and i have good number of visitors every day.between 6000 and 7000/day.sound good?not really when it comes to adsense my blog is been out for more than a year and the highest amount i.v get so far in a single day is $3
    now my blog is gonna reach 1 million visitor soon,and the earning is less than $300.
    i invite you to have a look at my blog and keep in mind that each page has been created individual as a new blog but all blogs have been linked to each other in one google adsense account
    I’m not asking to do any clicks on my no.but just to share with you and to hear from you if there’s any thing i can do to improve adsense performance on my blog

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