Google getting Aggresive with Adwords Marketing?


This is a very absurd. Google seems to be very aggressive or is stuck in its cashflow that it is approaching clients directly for managing their PPC campaigns at pretty much no expense at all. I was kinda confused to learn that one of our clients was approached by Google themselves to manage their PPC campaigns online.

Though, the initial reaction was to scream “Fake!!”, seeing the documents and other information they had sent to my client, I was kind of speechless. Is Google really trying that hard? Tough times eh Big G? But in the process a lot of small Internet Marketing Consultants like me are getting bitten in the backside.

Is Google right in bypassing us consultants who have been working so hard to approach clients, convince them about advertising online and making them understand the ROI involved, design a campaign only to have Google approach them in the last minute and with their brand name (which we helped create) and take away the client?

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this and your experience in anything similar.

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