HCL Customer Service

A reproduced conversation I had with a HCL Laptop Customer Care lady on phone today.

Check out how the Indian MNC performs in terms of customer service!

Lady: Hello, I am lady calling from HCL Laptops from Delhi, Can I speak to Anand Subramanian?

Me: Speaking.

Lady: This is with regard to a query you had posted on our websites about the purchase of a laptop.

Me(trying to remember): mmm, yes?

Lady: So sir, have you purchased a HCL laptop already?

Me: mmm, No, I have purchased a Dell XPS . . .

Lady: Oh..Why have you not bought a HCL laptop sir?

Me: When did I put a request about it on your site?

Lady(**keyboard sounds): That would be on the 3rd of June

Me: And when are you calling me?

Lady: . . . I am so sorry sir, We were…

Me: You have the reason.

Lady: *click*

🙂 Short and Sweet.

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TheAnand 2008 Coded by Slice-And-Stitch

TheAnand 2008 Coded by Slice-And-Stitch