Honey, I lost my PageRank!

Happened last weekend and I absolutely have no idea why it happened. I added my site to the webmaster central and within a week my PageRank is like poof! Gone! It does not really mean much to me on this site since I do not sell pagerank here, so advertisements are not a reason.

Alexa ranks hates this blog since every other week its only going downwards, so does PR now. Technorati refuses to index my new links and hence a stagnant ranking there. All this makes my blog pretty much useless to potential advertisers. The traffic to the blog has only been growing all these days and I end up being bitch slapped?

Strangely the loss of PR on this blog and my homepage was followed by a numero uno listing for my booted out web design Cochin keyword. Last month I got booted out of the google index for my keyword “Web Designer Cochin“. The only reason I try to rank for that keyword is due to a senti-“mental” attachment to my loving city of Cochin. I have this crazy aim to rank for everything Web, seo, design, development and everything else webby in Cochin since its like a honor to be there! 😉 I was hoping it was some kind of a google update or something, but looks like it isn’t!

Sincerely hope this is a Google’s April Fools trick prelude. 🙁

  1. No Nomar, I think its some sorta google ban on the domain. Thanks , maybe your blogroll has some place for me? 😀

    Niyaz, Hope I can do that. thank god I do not depend on this blog for anything else other than random rants and articles. and even more thankful that links are still firm in search engines.

    Yea, passive income man. I really want it to !

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