How to Access Orkut from mobile?

Few days ago, I was kind of disappointed when I found that Orkut is not accessible on my mobile phone. The problem is the same with rediffmail too. They use javascript which the Opera Mobile and the built-in browsers are not able to decipher. Recently, I found this link which allows you to access your favourite social community – Orkut through your cellphone using GPRS.
Here’s the link:

The link is pretty long. Things are easier of you to click the tiny url for the above link. Remember to bookmark this page once it loads up.

Thanks to Devils Workshop for this.

  1. Ppl 1st register ua no on orkut in d settings don worry no 1 can c ua no den 4m ua mobile enter m usin it. Its very smooth

  2. It is quite useful job to access orkut on your mobile. because it provides the user to coneect with your friends even when you r at job.

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