How To Increase Your Feed Readers

The other day, blogging idol went live and competition is going on strong. Though I was not a part of this competition, I was looking for ways to increase my own feed reader base. Since feed counts are what new advertisers and people use to judge your reach in the whole of blogosphere. Here are two tips I used in the past week to increase my feed count from 160 to the current count. And for the lazy bloggers out there, this is easy 😉

Email Feed readers constitute almost 40% of my current feed count as most people in India(which is about 70%) of my traffic do not use RSS readers to manage their feed. I used the following two methods to get 65 new readers in less than 2 weeks.

Email readers are the best readers you can get for your blog as they usually do not unsubscribe from your feeds very fast. and no, that does not give you the permission to bomb them with all your affliate links either 😉

  1. I took a list of my unverified email readers from my feedburner account and email them to ask if they forgot the verify my feed subscriptions. This was done on a personal informal note so that people acctually come back to my blog and verify their email again 😉
  2. I took out my most popular posts on this blog and added up a email subscription form saying “Get the latest on this topic as soon as its out, subscribe by email to my feeds”. It acctually worked.

These simple steps got me 65 readers in less than 2 week!!! Not much, but it sure helps bit by bit. I can do this every quarter and get those people who I might have otherwise missed. Do try it out and let me know!

While you are busy trying to increase your feedcount, subscribe to my friend Jason’s TheUniversityKid blog cuz the bloke is trying to make his mark with the blogging idol contest. He is definitely the best blogger out there who wants to help people make money online, though he hates to be called a MMO Blogger. If his post quality does not incite you to subscribe, he has a Nintendo Wii on bribe contest. 😉